1.  Do I use my own clubs, golf balls and spikes?

A:  Use all your own equipment as long as they are CLEANED or we will clean them for you.  We have spare clubs to use and we would prefer you use our balls.


2. How long should we estimate for a round of golf?

A: About 1 hour per person is average, but depending on skill and pace a round can be completed in as little as 30 minutes and as long as 90 minutes. A foursome should book 4 hours if they plan on completing the full 18 holes.


3. What if I go over or under my time?

A:  We charge in 15 minute intervals and apply credit to your account for any unused minutes you have paid for. You will always get what you pay for at Golfatron.


4. Are simulators for tour pros and golf professionals?

A:  Golf simulators are great for everyone, but particularly good for beginners. What better way to learn the game of golf then without the undue pressure of holding up other golfers around you. Stress and tension is not a good mixture for a round of golf.


5. Why should I play on a simulator, when I can play outside?

A:  It’s like playing in San Diego…72 degrees and no humidity everyday. Not much time today for a 4+ hour round of golf, you can play in less than an hour indoors.  There is no better tool for tuning your golf game!!!